“Every time I Iook at your beautiful artwork, I feel a sense of comfort and joy.” Ashli (recipient)

" You not only captured their bodies, but also their spirits." Tina and Ramon (recipients)

I portrayed him proudly sporting is service dog vest, receiving a big hug from a small child. I set him among the park's trees and hills, with the midtown skyline and sunset sky in the background. In order to give the shadowbox a storybook feel, I framed the the whole thing with a hand painted, distressed wood frame.

Pet Portraits


“This was a custom sculpture of two beloved cats for Melanie. We love them. Jen did great work and we give our highest recommendation”. Bill and Melanie (clients)

She was a breeder's dog, until she was retired. Then she found her forever home. This regal and gentle girl loved summers by the sea. Her Mom's love of Mexican folk art inspired the unique display stand.

This dear heart has had quite a life! The shelter was far better than life on the streets. But, boredom and loneliness left this lovely lady dangerously overweight and lethargic. That all changed the day her forever family came and took her home. Now thriving on a diet of love and adventure, her family wanted to tell her story through art. She is perched, healthy and happy, before the storybook of her life. Page 1 depicts her life before, and page 2 shows her new home. With bright eyes and a curious expression, she sits among the grass and flower, playfully batting at a butterfly.

This handsome golden doodle has  a heart as big as all outdoors. He's a certified therapy dog, bringing love and comfort to children and other people in need. Hand sculpted in polymer clay, I set him into a shadowbox featuring a scene from Atlanta's Piedmont park.


Such a sweet girl. Fun and frisky, she loved her Mom, Dad and brother. I depicted her on the other side of the "rainbow bridge", surrounded by Mom's favorite blooms. On the other side, you see the family home and a skyline of the their city, as the little pup eagerly awaits their reunion. The tree between is a nod to the friend, who lovingly commissioned the work.

Casey & Travis

“This is absolutely amazing! It looks just like him, even tiny details I thought only I notice on him. I'm overwhelmed!" Sara (recipient)

“Adele loves your work- makes her smile every time she looks at Sharona." Gary, (client).


Puppies forever and best of friends. She, the energetic firecracker. He, the consummate Gentleman. These two sweet dogs may have been as different as night and day, but they got along perfectly. With full artistic license granted, I depicted Shay as a fun-filled sunny day in the park, and Mac as the endless starry sky above a skyline of the city the whole family calls home.


These two kitties were always together. Calico Casey was the straight-man to Tabby Travis' comical antics. Depicting this pair in their kittenhood using polymer clay, acrylic and colored pencil, allowed me to really let their personalities shine through.

Copyright © Jen Monty Studios. Decatur, Ga.

Your family wouldn’t be complete without your furry (or scaly, or feathered) friend. You know that sweet soul so well. How great would it be to see that personality expressed for everyone to see?   

I’d love to talk to you about your pet, then work from photos to express the true character of your dearest.

Here's a few I've already made!

"This is nothing but cool and beautiful!" - Trace (client)

Mac & Shay