Ma & Pa 's place

They built it together; the culmination of a life’s dreams and aspirations. The gathering place for a family, who still lovingly refer to it as “Home”.

To honor the graceful elegance of this classic ranch, I kept things more realistic and to scale. I primarily used wood and paper mache, and crafted the unique lanterns out of polymer clay. My goal was that when approached from across the room, it would give the viewer the sense of coming home.

Carol 's  Lake house

 Home is the jumping-off point for life’s adventures, and the safe harbor you return to & recharge with the ones you love. My whimsical house portraits do what a photograph can’t; express the Home within the house.

Check out these House Portraits I’ve done!

" This is so wonderful. I love it!" - Carol (recipient)

Hawthorn House

House Portraits

"I really like that it looks so much like our house, but it also has a rainbow, which makes it extra happy!" Elena, (age 5). 

“Thank you for making it so beautiful and realistic. We all love it, Ma especially. It's already hanging up. “ -Abby (client)

This Craftsman style house is adorable even in real life. The folks who live here are very creative; art lovers and makers, both.  I wanted this house portrait to be a portrait of the family as well. To express their love of  literature and writing, I used old dictionary pages as shingles, bricks and even garden plants. I crowned the home with a colorful rainbow; representing imagination, creativity and joy.

This twin-peaked cottage is cute as a button. Quaint and homey, I reproduced its charm using paper mache and foamboard. As a nod to Carol’s penchant for beading, I used glass beads to create the garden flowers and porch lanterns.