Mr. Frog

Judge Phil

“I love it” Cristin (recipient)

A custom birthday gift for the owner of Laughing Fig Design. She's collector of toys and all things geek, so this 6 inch polymer clay figure was a perfect fit!

Laughing fig

“ I was so touched to see all these important pieces of my life wrapped up in the tiny details of this amazing gift." Ariela (recipient)

'The Gifts You Bring'

A first date to the botanical gardens created wonderful memories that a selfie couldn’t capture. This blue poison dart frog is a whimsical reminder of a lovely day in the local “rainforest”.

Custom Gifts

“Judge Phil really loved this! It was perfect!” John(client)

“I thought it was real at first. I’ve never gotten a gift like this before. Really special.” Craig (recipient)

Everyone loves a snow globe! This one was created as a gift for the judge of an amateur car race. It features the Judge in his signature robe and hat, holding his favorite adult beverage. The usual snow was replaced with tiny bills and coins.

This shadow box scene was designed to express the recipient's many contributions to friends, family and community.  Each small element represents an aspect of her life. The tree stands for growth and learning. The candles are to express the light she shines in the lives of others, and so on. Set at her favorite time of day, the city in the background speaks to the many cities where she has lived, and the many communities she has served along the way.

Everyone wants to give a meaningful, unique gift that really pleases. Maybe you’ve spent hours online (or at the mall), trying in vain to find that special something.  Maybe you’ve got a bit of an idea already, but don’t have the time or space to complete it. No idea? No problem. I know we’ll come up with something that will really knock their socks off!

 Here are a few things I’ve made already!